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Tax Compliance

We make sure you are compliant with your tax filing obligations globally. We are starting with US and India and will bring in other countries soon! You will also get answers to your questions on tax filing. We will keep you informed of changes to tax laws through our informative blog!

Immigration Compliance

In the recent times, immigration has been the most contested topic across the world and being compliant is important more than ever before for individuals and businesses alike. We offer end to end case management for immigration compliance. Our workflow and ease of use is a breeze!

Compliance Dashboard

Imagine: The immigration and tax statuses of your workforce in one centralized location. That's exactly what we give you. cComply ensures all your records are straight at all times. Our dashboard gives a snapshot on current compliance status at the click of a button!

About cComply

Living the Expat life required us to fulfill tax and immigration compliance obligations of our respective home and host countries. We looked around but couldn't find a solution that streamlined taxes, immigration and compliance for an individual or a global workforce.

We didn't find one, so we decided to build a one-stop-solution. cComply is that creation. Redefine global mobility!

cComply Features


Answer simple questions to enable your CPA and immigration attorney fill out relevant forms!

Upload Documents

Simply upload documents in any format for tax and immigration filing.


Interact and get answers to your questions through mail, chat. Connect to our mobile app to get SMS alerts and see case status updates in real time.

Mobile App

Connect through our mobile app Zfend for instant case updates, push notifications and text alerts besides safe keeping of documents and one touch access to USCIS case status online.

Customer Support

Stuck and have questions? Get them answered by our experts!

Track Case Progress

Never be clueless about what's happening with your case. Track and get notified on your case progress at every step!

Case Filing

You will get notified whether it is USCIS or IRS. Use your USCIS case number to track progress from your mobile device. It is that easy.

Filed Copy for Safekeeping

You can easily download the filed copy for your records, for your safekeeping.

Automatic Reminder

Get alerts for filing your immigration case extensions and also tax filing well before they are due.

Enterprise Support

We don't expect you to be a tax or immigration expert. That's why, cComply helps keep your employees compliant when they're on an overseas assignment. No more worries about making sure your employees are filing their returns and visa extensions on time. We provide enterprise-level support, contact us for more information and how we can help!


Know our immigration partner USI Law Inc.

USILAW is a Global Immigration Law Firm that provides comprehensive end to end solutions for multinational companies. With a specialization in U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Law, the firm's expertise enables immigration to become a strategic advantage for its clients. USILAW attorneys and staff are leading immigration law practitioners who combine knowledge with passion and experience with strategic solutions.
USILAW's reputation for positive results and stellar customer service is well earned. Every leader, whether a CEO of a Global 1000 company or the aspiring leader of a start-up, looks for trust and reliability in a potential partner. These virtues and attributes form USILAW's bedrock principles. It drives us in our mission. And our mission at USILAW is simple: Belief that the power of people's dreams and ambitions drive the virtues of global immigration.

Anindita A. Chowdhury

Founder and Managing Attorney of USILaw, Inc.

Know our tax partner, GKM Tax, Inc.

GKM provides quality bookkeeping, tax preparation, accounting and payroll processing services to accounting firms, CPAs, tax preparers and small and medium businesses in the US.

GKM was established by a team of professionals with several years of industry experience in bookkeeping, taxation, payroll and consulting. GKM's team includes dedicated and experienced Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Accountants and senior management graduates whose specializations blend perfectly to meet exact client requirements.

G. Karthikeyan

Chartered Accountant and a Qualified Information Security Auditor.

Know our immigration partner, Visawolf.

Visawolf is a top immigration law firm serving both corporations and individuals. From its offices in Northern and Southern California, the Visawolf team of immigration lawyers and paralegals serve clients worldwide, from diverse industries and backgrounds. Visawolf delivers immigration services using the most advanced technology available, at the highest level of speed, accuracy and consistency. This, combined with unparalleled personalized and creative legal expertise, allows Visawolf to offer services unmatched by any other law firm.

Jakob S. Lipman


cComply Tax
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  • $69       - cComply Advanced
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Mobile App
  • Integrates with cComply and other case management software
  • Zfend Mobile App

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